Argentina is in crisis and the British are watching .


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“An amazing story that had me hooked to the very end.” 

“A British journalist rides his motorcycle from Buenos Aires to the Paraguay border, chasing the interview of his life…”


I was inspired by the unsuccessful British invasions of Argentina in the early 19th century. What if they had been victorious? Who would now be the president?





The author

Born in Saltash, England, Marc Thomas spent much of his youth sailing in the English Channel when not attending numerous boarding schools.

During the 70’s he spent two years in Buenos Aires, Argentina with his family where he learned to ride horses, gate-crash parties and and was in the city center to witness the military coup of March 1976.

Later he returned to England on a cargo ship and never forgot the Argentine experience, vowing one day to return.

In 2005, he kept his promise, returned to Buenos Aires and married the girl he left behind.

He enjoys writing and building shiny gaming computers, but his real passion is riding around the country on his motorcycle.


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