September 16, 2022 Marc 2Comment

The Queen had already been on the throne for five years when I was born and since she reigned for seventy years, I, like many others, have never known another monarch. Her death closes a chapter in British history and from a personal point of view, I always regarded her…

July 21, 2021 Marc

Until 21st August 2021, The Last British President is on sale at only US$5.00* at Draft2Digital and you can download a copy through this link: *Regional prices may vary due to local exchange rates. This price is not available on Amazon.

July 21, 2021 Marc 1Comment

Characters In The Last British President This post is spoiler-free When I first started writing the book, I had less than a handful of characters in mind, so others appeared dynamically as the story unfolded. However, I knew that I wanted the main character  to be an extension of my imagined…

July 21, 2021 Marc

The Buenos Aires Book Fair is the largest book show in Latin America and I had to be there. So, during one of the first ‘trade’ days, I cranked up my motorbike, glided down Avenida Libertador and turned up with a copy of The Last British President under my arm, hoping to attract some attention….