February 26, 2019

The Last British President is now available through eBook distributors

The last british president ebook


With so many digital book distributors now available, it made a lot of sense to publish the eBook through an aggregator.

So I chose Draft2Digital (D2D) because their system of manuscript conversion is simplicity itself.


They have published the eBook (ePub) through numerous outlets, including Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Playster, Kobo and several others. This is a big advantage, because it allows readers to pay for books with other means, that may not be available through Amazon – such as PayPal, for example. D2D also provide a UBL (Universal Book Link), which is one simple link for every distributor that carries the book, instead of having to pass on twenty different links.

Follow this link The Last British President to see where you can buy a copy of the eBook.

It really is that simple!


February 26, 2019

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